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LoveThemArts was created with one main focus in mind: “Making Art that Moves & Heals You.

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                             I'm Jasmin, owner, and artist at LoveThemArts.

I create vibrant and energetic art that awakens a range of positive moods and emotions in art lovers and novices alike. Through art coaching, I help women move beyond anxiety and stress, to a renewed sense of well-being, energy, and inspiration.​

The world is changing faster and faster, and as women we need to recognize that making time for self-care is an important part of maintaining our sense of well-being and finding that elusive work-life balance.

Here at LoveThemArts, I provide a safe environment to explore, discover, and embrace creative and artistic activities; so women can feel energized, inspired, and empowered. After all, we women need to be able to take care of ourselves so that we can continue to help others.

With my years in nursing, I had thought that working in other healing modalities would be a great way to continue to help people, but I struggled to find the right combination. I loved teaching my patients, and later teaching art and jewelry-making classes. I kept adding different techniques to my repertoire, yet, nothing felt right.

I ended up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out!

To work through my problem, I immersed myself in art projects and discovered how therapeutic and relaxing it was for me. Suddenly, it all became crystal clear. What better way to help people than with art?

Together we can create Art that Moves & Heals You!​

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