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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is coaching a form of therapy?
    · Therapy requires being licensed and has a greater focus on exploring the past. Therapists often diagnose and treat depression and other mental conditions. Treatment occurs over a longer period. · Coaching focuses on the present time and using creative activities to facilitate stress relief, communication of emotions through art, and discovering new ways to work through issues.
  • What is Art Coaching?
    · The art coach provides a safe environment where the client can relax explore and work through their problems by using a variety of creative activities specific to their needs. During these exercises, the client feels inspired and open to uncover new coping skills, share their feelings, boost their self-esteem, and discover a new form of communication.
  • What can I expect during a session?
    · Your coaching sessions are confidential. The basic materials for a session are paper, pen, colored pencils/Crayola/ watercolor. Your meetings are usually set for 60 minutes; during which time the coach will: · • Ask what your goals are · • Set art activities specific to your goal · • Ask questions to help you work through blocks · • Create action steps for you to take in between appointments · • Review your accomplishments and challenges at each appointment
  • What is expected of me?
    · To get the greatest benefit out of your coaching sessions you should consider these approaches: · • Be on time. Things can happen; however, please call and cancel your appointment preferably within 24 hours when possible. · • Have a goal you want to improve or accomplish in your life. · • Be committed to achieving your goal. Make it big enough. · • During your session create a plan you are inclined to follow · • Be open to exploring your artistic muscles · • Accept and expect change
  • How do I know if coaching is for me?
    · Coaching is like keeping your car running. If you want your car to keep on driving for a long time, then there is always some maintenance to do. Coaching is the upkeep of our well-being. · Do you feel stuck? · Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed? · Do you have dreams but lack the energy, plan, and enthusiasm? · Then ask yourself: Are you ready to explore your options?
  • What if I am not an artist
    Perfect! Art coaching is about the process and not worried about creating a masterpiece. In art coaching, there are no mistakes. Your coach will not criticize your art, but encourage you to explore the experience .
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